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2X Challenge training for FinDev Canada

We designed and piloted a 2X Challenge training for private equity fund managers

The 2X Challenge was launched at the G7 Summit 2018 as a commitment by DFIs to mobilize private sector investments that provide women in developing markets with improved access to leadership opportunities, quality employment, finance, enterprise support, and products and services that enhance economic participation and access. Since then, the 2X Collaborative has become a global industry body for gender lens investing (GLI), while the 2X Criteria quickly become a global industry standard for assessing the gender impact (potential) of investments.

We worked with FinDev Canada, one of the founding members of the 2X Challenge, to create a comprehensive training covering the foundations of gender lens investing, the ins and outs of the 2X Criteria, and the required first steps towards designing a gender strategy. We piloted the session with a number of PE fund managers from different geographies and sectors. The resulting 3-module training is a beginner-friendly program targeted at investment professionals and fund managers who want to expand their capabilities on GLI and 2X. The materials can be accessed via FinDev Canada’s webpage and used independently.