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INOKS Capital

We supported INOKS in setting up a framework to manage both ESG risks and impact

INOKS Capital (‘INOKS’) is an asset manager headquartered in Geneva. INOKS provides financing to companies mostly in the agriculture and food sectors in emerging economies. The asset manager asked Steward Redqueen to review their existing ESMS, and support with the development of their impact framework

The first part of the assignment was to assess and validate the quality of INOKS’ ESMS. We assessed the scope and quality of policies, procedures and templates underlying the ESMS, evaluated how the ESMS had been implemented in practice throughout the investment cycle, assessed staff capacities to operate and implement the ESMS, and identified actions required to finalise the ESMS. Subsequently, we assisted INOKS with executing this action plan. Together with INOKS we developed a full impact framework explaining INOKS’ combined approach to ESG and impact. We supported INOKS with developing their impact strategy and outlining the principles, standards and tools to achieve a positive impact (do good) and to mitigate ESG risks (do no harm). We also helped them integrate ESG and impact procedures to bring their impact strategy into practice. The impact framework helps INOKS to manage both ESG risks and impact in an integrated way.

INOKS published the impact framework on their website, see here.