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Women’s World Banking

We executed an independent evaluation of the Women’s World Banking Capital Partners Fund

Women’s World Banking (WWB) Capital Partners, LP is a private equity fund committed to applying a “gender lens” approach to impact. It is pioneering in the impact investment sector in its mission to prove the business case for investing in women-focused financial institutions. The fund is managed by WWB Asset Management (WAM), the investment arm of the New York-based non-profit Women’s World Banking.

WAM’s Board requested Steward Redqueen to execute an independent assessment of the performance and impact of the WWBCP Fund. The evaluation focused on the Fund’s investment selection, value added and the development impact of the fund, notably the achieved gender-related progress at investee companies. The project included a quantitative analysis of the portfolio, multiple surveys and stakeholder interviews.

The resulting management presentation provided insights into the Fund’s impact, strengths and weaknesses of the strategy, as well as lessons learned and concrete recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness and impact of the Fund. These recommendations where fundamental in the design and fundraising of a successor fund, WWBCP II.