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René Kim


René is a leading expert on socio-economic impact assessment, strategy and measurement

René Kim is a founding partner of Steward Redqueen. He has a long track record in the development of impact evaluations, socio-economic impact analysis and sustainable strategy development. He acts as advisor to multinational corporations and development banks.

He pioneered an innovative impact measurement methodology and his understanding of emerging and frontier markets is widely recognised in the market. He led economic impact studies across developed and emerging markets for multinationals and international organisations in various sectors, such as food & beverages, agriculture, finance, mining, power and pharma. He also has experience in helping (development) finance institutions in emerging markets in developing a strategic approach towards sustainable development.

Before joining Steward Redqueen he worked for The Boston Consulting Group as consultant and project leader. Prior to pursuing a business career, he was a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was a visiting scientist and post-doctoral associate in the field of Hydrology and Climatology. He holds a cum laude PhD from Wageningen University in The Netherlands. He is fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish and has a good working knowledge of German.

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