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Toon Remmers

Senior Consultant

Toon is a Senior Consultant with expertise in climate change and economic development, with a focus on carbon footprinting

Toon is a Senior Consultant with a track record in a variety of topics related to climate change and economic development. Toon has been involved in multiple impact assessments to quantify socio-economic and environmental impacts, with a specific focus on quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impacts.

Toon’s expertise in carbon footprinting extends from applying industry standards for financed- and value chain emissions to developing tailored methodologies for specific industries. He was also involved with developing and integrating net zero strategies, allowing clients to monitor and act on their carbon footprint. He has a broad understanding of decarbonisation challenges across various sectors in the economy, ranging from financial institutions (including banks, impact investors and venture capital), energy, mining, manufacturing, and food and beverage.

Toon also worked for clients active in the energy and power sector in developing economies, where he gained an understanding of the interplay between decarbonisation and economic development. He is able to bring a nuanced perspective to the challenges around the energy transition in these markets which he applies in his work around impact assessments.

Toon holds a Cum Laude MSc in International Economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is fluent in both Dutch and English and is based in Amsterdam.

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