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Lunch talk – impact measurement at PRUImpact week Singapore

Global investors and companies are increasingly recognising the significant role they play in creating sustainable, positive impact on societies and economies. But measuring such impacts is challenging. So, how can organisations like development financiers, impact investors, multinational enterprises, network organisations, and government agencies better understand and manage their impact on societies?

As part of the PRUImpact week 2019 our Singapore director Tias van Moorsel shared his experiences about impact measurement with over 50 participants working for impact investors, foundations & trusts, family offices, private equity, government agencies and universities. Tias shared case studies and explained the key steps to set up a framework to track, understand and report impact. He concluded by highlighting some of the key lessons for impact measurement and how that could help different types of organisations. With many questions from the audience and several follow-up meetings it showcases a positive trend that ever more organisations want to look into Impact Measurement and Management (IMM).

A special thanks to Prudential for organising this week and to Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) for co-organising this event and involving Steward Redqueen.