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We participated in the NUDGE Global Leadership Challenge 2016

From October 20 to 22 our colleague Tias van Moorsel joined the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge in Zeist, The Netherlands. Participating in this three day challenge and meeting over 90 young professionals from more than 25 different countries was a great experience.

The Challenge proofed to be very valuable and inspiring to engage with a diverse group and share different views, insights, and enjoy cultural and professional backgrounds.

During the Nudge Challenge Polly Higgins (lead advocate for Ecocide law) challenged the participants to “sail our own ship”. Jeff Furman (Chair of the Board of Ben & Jerry’s) showed how important it is to stand for your own believes although it doesn’t always make business sense. And Ezekiel Ole Katato (Maasai Elder, peacebuilder and founder and director of the Across Maasai Land Initiative) encouraged the crowd to become a “servant leader”. But there were also many interactive sessions such as workshops to improve leadership skills, brainstorm meetings about presenting one’s own story, personal coaching sessions and working together with fellow “future leaders” on developing a sustainable business plan for various social enterprises. One of the most fun sessions was to have a conversation with a group of children (10-12 years) from the International Primary School Hilversum. These kids shared their views on leadership, sustainability and what we should do to save our planet but most importantly showed us that it is not always difficult to take actions as we often think.

From these kids, but also most definitely from all others who contributed to the Nudge Challenge, everyone got inspired not to be afraid of all the obstacles we sees, but more often just take that leap of faith. It were three exhaustive days, but more than worth it!