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Steward Redqueen supports Climathon

Steward Redqueen sponsored the first prize of the category “Economics and Policy”  of the YES-Europe Climathon

A 48 hours virtual event took place during the first weekend of May, organised by Steward Redqueen consultant Silvia Binet together with a group enthusiastic young professionals (YES-Europe).

More than 300 people, from 50 different countries, devoted their weekend to think together about sustainable solutions for a post COVID-19 society.

Participants worked in teams, with the support of professional coaches to guide them through their creative innovation journey. The program featured inspirational speeches from expert keynotes (WWF-UK, Deloitte, the European Commission, REN21, Next Energy Consumer), as well as recreational activities, from yoga sessions and concerts.

34 innovative solutions were presented to the jury of the Climathon, spanning from food supply chains to urban mobility, to waste management and SMEs lending. The winners?

  • The Green Forest (Category: Economics & Policy) – a local peer lending platform for communities and SMEs post-COVID19 conditional on green commitments
  • Delete Obsolete (Category: Social) – an awareness platform enabling consumers to see the true lifetime of their electronics
  • Local (Category: Resources) – a tool to facilitate and strengthen local low-carbon shopping in cities

The event was a great opportunity to prove that even in such critical times, there is a lot that can be done by leveraging the right digital tools and young people enthusiasm.

At Steward Redqueen we are glad to have supported such a creative and resilient initiative by sponsoring one of the three prizes and mobilizing our staff to mentor the teams.

If you want to know more about the event and the solutions presented, you can do so by clicking here!