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Steward Redqueen wins the TransportLAB Hackaton 2016

During a two-week competition, 25 teams (160 people from 12 nationalities) competed in a hackathon that challenged them to develop a logistics performance dashboard.

An eight-person jury, representing three Dutch universities, the Ministry of Infrastructure and several transport sector organizations unanimously chose Steward Redqueen because of its business relevance, scalability and sustainability angle.

The team developed a turn-key iPad app allowing airports, freight forwarders and importers to predict the delivery time of their cargo. This enables them to monitor real-time arrivals of imports at their final destination as well as to forecast future arrival times.

The tool predicts when a package arrives at the airport (flight arrival time), how long it takes to off-load and process (handling time), and the time it takes to get to the final destination by road (transport time). This is predicted based on a combination of historic flight data and real-time road traffic data. With these insights, freight forwarders and importers can optimize supply chain performance while airports can offer better information services to their customers.

The next step will be to add other functionalities to the tool such as a CO2-footprint calculator.

This first prize underlines Steward Redqueen’s ability to solve complex problems with a combination of technical skills and business insights resulting in data-driven applications such this Predictibility Tool.

Please read the jury report here.