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Successful launch of improved FMO ESG Toolkit

On Tuesday January 26th we successfully launched a new and improved FMO ESG Toolkit for private equity funds. Together with FMO, the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank, we designed and developed the completely web-based version of the existing ESG Toolkit. The launch webinar was attended by more than 240 participants and included an overview of the features, three real life cases and a demo.

The main features of the ESG Toolkit include the ability manage the ESG performance of a portfolio of investments, a set of detailed investment dashboards to track individual ESG risks and performance and a structured approach to conducted ESG reviews by funds themselves. A new feature of the web application is the ability to benchmark investee performance against peers.

Keen to try it out? A free account can be created on the here. If you are interested to learn more about the toolkit and/or how to implement or tailor it to your organisation, please contact us at bernard.leussink@stewardredqueen.com.