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Matthijs de Bruijn


Matthijs is an expert on impact monitoring & measurement systems and evaluations

Matthijs de Bruijn is a partner at Steward Redqueen. He has a focus on integrating sustainability and impact into strategy and performance monitoring frameworks, as well as on enabling accountability and learning through evaluations. He has strong experience in the financial sector, with a particular focus on development financiers, climate finance mechanisms and impact investors. He is based in The Netherlands.

Matthijs executed 50+ in-depth evaluations of organisations, investment portfolios, impact investment funds, and technical assistance programs. He has deep understanding of the dynamics behind responsible finance, impact investing and climate finance, as he developed practical systems that track performance data for ex-ante evaluation and monitoring for (development) financials. These systems are linked to organisational strategy, or frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals or the Paris Agreement. In addition, he designed training programmes on ESG management, impact measurement and gender-lens investing.

Matthijs has ample experience with Board room presentations and discussions, and is a regular speaker on monitoring systems, impact management and evaluation in impact investing at conferences. He regularly publishes articles on sustainability and impact issues, such as attribution in impact measurement, leverage in blended finance or the enabling role of private equity in developing countries.

Before joining Steward Redqueen he worked at the United Nations in New York and NATO in Brussels. He holds a cum laude MA in Modern History from the University of Groningen and certificates from the CFA Institute and Dutch Educational Institute for Banking.

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