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Steward Redqueen analysed the development impact achieved by BII’s portfolio.

Since 2007, British International Investment’s (BII, formerly CDC) has invested $2.3 billion on infrastructure projects across 36 countries and 194 companies, managing a total of 295 assets. The infrastructure sector is one of BII’s priorities due to its potential to create economic growth and improve livelihoods. Infrastructure gives companies and communities access to services such as power, internet, and telecoms, and enables businesses to operate and grow more effectively.

In 2021, The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) commissioned Steward Redqueen, ITAD and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) to evaluate the development impacts of BII infrastructure investments. In the report, we analysed the development impact achieved by BII’s portfolio, covering different sub-sectors and themes (geography, attribution, climate, gender, etc). You can access the executive summary and the full evaluation report.

In the second phase of the evaluation, Steward Redqueen and ITAD will carry out a series of in-depth studies to back up the evidence and enable BII to further understand the pathways through which infrastructure investments deliver impact on communities and economies, in order to better target future investments.