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Steward Redqueen supports Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) with ESG reporting guidelines

Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) published ESG reporting guidelines, which were developed by our team. These Guidelines are the result of an extensive, collaborative process. They are tailored to the specific needs of the Polish capital market and business community. Moreover, the Guidelines anticipate international developments such as the EU Green Taxonomy, SFDR and NFRD. There is a consensus that ESG reporting is part of a broader drive towards a more sustainable economy. To inform their investment decisions, investors are looking for robust data on long term value creation as well as short term material ESG risks.

These guidelines will help Polish companies to be responsible and accountable as they increasingly recognize that effective ESG management of companies is a reflection of operational excellence. By providing these Guidelines on sustainability reporting, WSE joins a group of 56 stock exchanges globally that have published ESG reporting guidance for their listed companies. In this project we worked closely with the EBRD, The Responsible Business Forum in Poland and of course the team of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

You can find the guidelines here.

For more information: wouter.scheepens@stewardredqueen.com