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Steward Redqueen and Partners for Growth host webinar on ESG in tech

Partners for Growth (PFG) is a growth debt and asset-backed lending firm providing loans to tech-related SMEs globally to help them accelerate their growth. Last month, Steward Redqueen hosted a webinar with PFG and their portfolio companies to discuss what ESG means for tech companies, why it matters, and to provide guidance for SMEs on how to start their ESG journeys.

This webinar was the culmination of our second project with PFG. After developing PFG’s ESG framework in 2021, we recently created templates for PFG’s investees to help them adopt good industry practices in their daily operations. This includes a set of nine templates, ranging from basic to advanced, that businesses can choose to use based on their size and material sustainability issues. We provided guidance on what documents companies should start with to help them steer their efforts towards more sustainable business models, as outlined in the figure below.

If you would like to access the templates, please check out PFG’s website.