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Steward Redqueen wins Best Emerging Markets ESG Advisory Team Award – Global 2015

We are proud to announce that CFI.co has extended Steward Redqueen the Best
Emerging Markets ESG Advisory Team Global 2015 Award. The judging panel of CFI.co
considered Steward Redqueen “the go-to consultancy for any company wishing to get a
handle on its ESG performance and to improve the sustainability of its business.” For the
judging panel’s full report, click here.

Each year, CFI.co seeks out organisations that contribute significantly to the convergence of
economies and truly add value to all stakeholders. CFI.co receives award nominations from readers
and subscribers to the print journal, visitors to its website, as well as supporters. CFI.co’s judging
panel subsequently reviews submissions based on information generated during the nomination
process. The panel also exercises its own due diligence.

With the Best Emerging Markets ESG Advisory Team 2015 Award, CFI.co seeks to recognise the
best responses from consultancy firms to sustainability issues of the private sector, identifying
those teams that stand out as examples to others across the world.

The judging panel was impressed with Steward Redqueen’s accomplishments: “The CFI.co judging
panel considers the scope of the services provided by Steward Redqueen quite exceptional. This is
not an outfit staffed by dreamers; rather Steward Redqueen keeps its eye on the bottom line,
finding opportunity where others may see trouble. In fact, the firm has found more than one way
of fitting square pegs into round holes. That is an accomplishment the CFI.co judges wish to

Willem Vosmer, one of the partners of Steward Redqueen says: “We take great pride in assisting
our clients to become frontrunners in the field of impact and sustainability. This award is an
exceptional recognition for our efforts. We would like to take the opportunity to thank our clients
for their trust and look forward to continue working with them and other organisations.”

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About Steward Redqueen
Steward Redqueen is a specialised consultancy that works across the globe, advising organisations
on impact and sustainability. Our clients are multinationals active in various sectors, large
companies with regional activity, governments, financial institutions, and industry associations. We
help them strengthen their business performance and improve their bond with the societies in
which they operate. We do this by providing insight into risks and opportunities arising from the
challenging interface of business and society. We also assist clients to effectively implement their
ESG strategies. Steward Redqueen is headquartered in Haarlem (The Netherlands) and represented
in Barcelona (Spain) and New York (USA). For more information, click here.