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Strategic alliance announcement: Qbera Capital LLP and Steward Redqueen B.V.

Furthering both organisations dedication to sustainability and impact, Qbera Capital and Steward Redqueen are pleased to announce the formation of a Strategic Alliance between both organisations.

The Strategic Alliance will focus primarily on:
− Helping corporates to identify their sustainability positives and shortcomings, with an action plan to improve their sustainable investment credentials and increase their attractiveness as borrowers.
− Assist investors in achieving their sustainable investment objectives via helping to shape the sustainability investment strategy, creation of tools to monitor investments and report to investees as well as via the origination of sustainable investment opportunities, each with its own 3rd party sustainability assessment reporting.

In particular, investing in frontier and emerging markets can carry a perceived high degree of risk, not least from the threat of environmental, social and political instability. Much of this perceived risk comes from a historical bias, lack of understanding and appropriate risk assessment. This mismatch leaves a disconnect between investors and large number of untapped investment opportunities. Through education of both investors and corporates, coupled with formal ESG / Impact assessment and reporting, this gap can be bridged.

Accordingly, via the Strategic Alliance, by working together and leveraging each organisations expertise, Qbera Capital and Steward Redqueen can provide both corporates and investors a complete solution.

“I am very excited about our Alliance with Steward Redqueen. Many market participants are talking about sustainability, ESG and impact, whilst positive, this has repercussions on countless frontier and emerging market companies who struggle to attract sustainable capital because they do not have the luxury of dedicated ESG teams to help. Via our Alliance, we can provide such companies with a complete solution, helping them on their sustainability journey as well as enabling access to capital” said Ali Shafqat, CEO of Qbera Capital.

“The Alliance with Qbera is an obvious win-win. We are convinced that the interplay between corporations and investors is of vital importance to making business work for society. By combining Qbera’s track-record with ours we can offer integrated services to a broad range of clients. We look forward to expanding our presence in emerging markets and this Alliance will allow us to do just that” said Wouter Scheepens, Founding Partner of Steward Redqueen.

About Qbera Capital LLP
Qbera Capital LLP is an independent Asset Management & Corporate Advisory firm, facilitating and providing debt and equity solutions. Headquartered in London, with a presence in Johannesburg and Dubai, Qbera specialises in the energy, metals, agricultural, renewables and financial services sectors in frontier and emerging markets. For more details, please visit: https://www.qberacapital.com/

About Steward Redqueen B.V.
‘Making business work for society’ is the mission of Steward Redqueen a specialised consultancy that works across the globe advising organisations on impact and sustainability. Headquartered in The Netherlands, with a presence in Spain, Singapore and the US, a team of some 20 professionals is a trusted partner to companies in for example the financial sector, agriculture, energy and mining, transport and infrastructure. For more details, please visit: https://www.stewardredqueen.com/

To learn more about how Qbera’s and Steward Redqueen’s Strategic Alliance can benefit you, please contact: Amitji Odedra (amitji.odedra@qberacapital.com) and Teodora Nenova (teodora.nenova@stewardredqueen.com).