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Forward-Looking Performance Review of The Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund is the world’s largest climate finance fund. Steward Redqueen worked with the GCF’s Independent Evaluation Unit on the ‘Forward-Looking Performance Review (FPR)’, the first overall independent review of the GCF. The FPR comes at a critical time, after five years of operations and just ahead of the Fund’s first replenishment process.

The global community is at a decisive moment for climate action. Financing is key to realising the potential of the Paris Agreement, and a climate-safe future for all requires catalytic investment now. As the world’s largest dedicated climate fund, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is uniquely positioned to help developing countries turn their climate ambitions into action.

The purpose of the FPR is to assist learning from its experience so far, support accountability, assess how the Fund has performed in delivering its objectives, and also look forward, by providing actionable and pragmatic recommendations for enhancing the Fund’s performance. Board members used the findings and recommendations of the review to help pave the way forward and identify concrete actions that will make the GCF faster, better and smarter in delivering much needed climate solutions in developing countries.

The full report can be accessed here, an executive summary can be accessed here.