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Partner Wouter Scheepens contributes to book ‘Time for Transition’

TIAS, School for Business & Society, recently published a book called Tijd voor transitie (Time for Transition), which is likely to be translated into English soon. In his role as adjunct-professor at TIAS, our Partner Wouter Scheepens contributed significantly to this timely book. He was a member of the editorial board, wrote an article and conducted several interviews with executives.

The book contains a range of articles written by TIAS faculty members, that cover aspects of transition towards a more sustainable economy and society. The TIAS competency framework is used to structure the book, which covers four dimensions:

  • Responsible leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Business modelling
  • Sustainable innovation

As TIAS serves both the private and public sector, the articles provide an interesting kaleidoscope of insights on transition challenges across various dimensions. Examples of topics that are discussed: system thinking, governance of long-term value creation, collaboration in the health sector, self-governance in public private networks, public impact, the role of sustainable finance, planetary boundaries and innovation.

In addition to its academic insights, the book contains interviews with high-level practitioners. Among the executives Wouter interviewed for the book are the CEO of Heineken, a former chief of staff of the Dutch armed forces, the chairperson of the largest employers’ organisation in the Netherlands, the CSO of Swiss-based corporation Givaudan and several social entrepreneurs.

This book can be ordered via managementboek.nl