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Steward Redqueen joins 2X Global

Announcement: Steward Redqueen joins 2X Global

We are proud to announce that Steward Redqueen is becoming a member of 2X Global.

With gender-lens investing at a cornerstone position in our work, we are delighted to join a global community working towards fostering gender transformative approaches. By joining the 2X Global, we strive to contribute to knowledge-building and further align the solutions we deliver with market best practices. We look forward to meeting the 2X Global community and to work together towards empowering underserved groups and driving diversity and inclusion.

“In the past three years, the 2X movement has accomplished more than mobilizing an impressive $11 billion for gender-smart investing. Their work has been instrumental in scaling gender lens investing and bringing it to the mainstream. They have transformed the ways in which investors think about gender equality in their portfolios and organizations. Bringing intentionality about prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in investing is embedded in Steward Redqueen’s work. Therefore, us joining 2X Global is a confirmation of our dedication to the GLI field, and a commitment to help amplify the 2X message.”  

Teodora Nenova, Partner at Steward Redqueen

“We are excited to welcome Steward Requeen to our growing membership base. With their longstanding experience of partnering with the financial sector in all matters related to sustainable investing, we are excited that gender lens investing is now firmly embedded in their practice and look forward to jointly growing the field and amplifying our mission of unlocking gender smart capital at scale.”

Jessica Espinoza – CEO 2X Global